25 years old from Stavanger

Biggest strenght: "Motivational mood"

Biggest fear: "The first storm –how it will affect the team mentality and how dangerous it may be."

I have always been drawn to activities in, with or related to the sea. And as I have grown older, I have also grown increasingly fascinated by how much our body can actually achieve and handle –be it in familiar, new or even harsh environments. And so, getting to combine these two keen interests -in the experience of a lifetime, with the crew of a lifetime, is an opportunity is simply could not let pass.



26 years old from Jessheim

Biggest strenght: "Team spirit"

Biggest fear: ""

I have always challenged myself through activities such as soccer, cross-country skiing, backpacking and mountain climbing. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean will be the next step on this journey and so far my biggest challenge in life. I identify myself as a strong team player that is curious and strong minded – abilities that will be tested while rowing over 5,500 kilometres. I hope that this challenge will bring new perspectives to life and give four best friends an unforgettable adventure.

Aksel Nikolai Mathiesen

24 years old from Fredrikstad

Biggest strenght: "Patience and calmness in tough times and situations"

Biggest fear: "Extreme weather"

Our family has been vacationing by boat ever since I was a child. Not only has this equipped me with basic knowledge about life at sea, but also given me a continuous fascination of the vast, open ocean. Rowing across The Atlantic with three exceptional companions will be the ultimate test of character that I simply cannot wait to undertake.

Nikolai Hermann Skeie Wiencke

25 years old from Stavanger

Biggest strenght: "My humour and ability to motivate others when things look dark"

Biggest fear: "Something happening while I sleep."

Curious, fun, caring, stressed, ambitious, forgetful and focused; all characteristics which describes me in some way or the other. However, they will not all be helpful when crossing the Atlantic. Which is why I am pursuing this dream of defeating the grand ocean; challenging mind and body, discovering new horizons, with three of my best friends. I am sure that together, we will be able to conquer everything we set our minds to, even the Atlantic Ocean.


Badehusgata 45

4014 Stavanger


Tel: +47 940 09 255


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